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Matured for Now

Guinness® Cheddar is hand crafted using locally sourced cheese, carefully prepared, made with care and matured specifically to suit the intricate flavour combinations required to produce this bold, delicious and malty cheese. All the while in line with the values and rich heritage of the Guinness® brand.

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Made in Somerset

We are proud that Guinness® Cheddar is produced here in Somerset. There is an incredible range of quality hand made and artisan items produced here in our beautiful County, from delicious food and drinks to the finest willow baskets and traditional cricket bats. These traditions are an inspiration to the methods we use here today. Guinness® Cheddar is made in selected batches, every truckle lovingly laboured over by hand with our master cheesemaker overseeing the expert process from beginning to end. From the very first batch to the pouring on of the distinctive black wax coating, ensuring that Guinness® Cheddar is crafted to perfection.

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